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Here is a list of the campsites and aires we stayed at during our 2006 tour. The standard of campsites was generally good. Many sites abroad seem to have a mixture of touring and static caravans often hidden by wooden "awnings" so you wouldn't know there was a caravan underneath it! 

There were plenty of aires in France and stellplatz in Germany, at least in the main tourist areas but sometimes they were difficult to find despite having their co-ordinates and satnav.

detailed lists of Aires and Stellplatz with GPS co-ords and photos

 We downloaded the lists from the useful website and imported them into Microsoft® Autoroute 2005
denotes a site in the ACSI camping card scheme with low season price of 10, 12 or 14€, + tourist tax (some sites)
denotes price includes electric hook-up, varies between 3A (just enough for fridge, Truma water heater and small cooling fan) and 10A

Camera links for more detailed information about some of the places we visited in 2006

Schweich stellplatz stellplatz 5€ parking only Trier, Mosel "Quickstop" MH parking (only) outside campsite next to Mosel; 10.50€ to use campsite & facilities
Reil stellplatz
stellplatz 5€ overnight parking; free services Reil, Mosel grass and small tarmac area by Mosel; a few hookups +1€, some shade; fee collected in evening
Camping Schönbergblick campsite 7€ Oberwesel, Rhine small campsite offering camperstop/parking by Rhine on edge of town, (elec +2.20€) some railway, road and boat noise; very small stellplatz nearby with no services 6€
Camping Haide
campsite 14€ 
Neckargemünd/Heidelberg riverside site near Heidelberg some rail and road noise; free internet available - pc in office with keyboard at window hatch!
Parking P3
stellplatz 6€ sanistation 1€
public toilets
Rothenberg ab der Tauber lorry & coach park 10 min from historic town centre; busy during day
Volkesplatz parking stellplatz 6€ sanistation 1€ toilets Eichstätt
Altmühl valley
flat gravel area by river, fee collected by man at 6pm,  sanistation at entrance toilets nearby; 15 min walk from town centre
Parking stadthalle stellplatz 
free parking  
level car park by noisy fountain; other car parks not level or by skate park; no evidence of services
Austria Camping campsite 17.90€ St Lorenz Mondsee lakeside site smallish marked pitches; excellent facilities, free showers; restaurant
Camping Birkenstrand
campsite 14€ 
Schwand, Wolfgangsee marked terraced pitches, excellent marble lined toilet block; small lakeside area
Camping Flaschberger
campsite 12€ 
Hermagor, Gailtal
marked pitches, some shade; indoor tennis court, internet via dlink mains connector 1.50€. About 15min from town
Lijack campsite 12€ Nova Gorica basic grass farm field with fair facilities being upgraded, friendly owner; popular with paragliders
Camping Polovnik
campsite 10€ 
Bovec, Soça Valley basic site shady no marked pitches some grass and gravel, good facilities; bar/restaurant at entrance,  5 min from town
Hotel Kanu
stellplatz 10€ water & waste
Smlednik stellplatz in rural Hotel grounds on road to main campsite; gravel and paved level parking only a single water tap for services + 3 elec points
Camping Menina

campsite 12€ 
Recica ob Savinji, Nazarje large campsite shady pitches but a bit muddy in places; portakabin facilities (very hot water); bar in high season; friendly owner; near small village
Terme Catez
campsite 24€ (inc admission to pools)
Brezice large campsite at indoor/outdoor waterpark and thermal spa resort; fair facilities; many rental bungalows, hotel & wellness centre
Camping Katra campsite 10€ Vinica,
small campsite mostly statics; rough grass, basic facilities; bar in high season; about 300m from Croatia border crossing
Camping Danica
campsite 10€ ACSI Bohinjska Bistrica large campsite on river in small town surrounded by mountains; no marked pitches; good facilities; bar & restaurant adjacent; between lakes Bled and Bohinja; car train to Podbrdo from here from takes MH's
aree di sosta free (weekdays) Cortina d'Ampezzo
parking on disused airfield in valley 3 miles N of town, signposted; 12€ fee  weekends & high season; water taps and waste points; MH parking not permitted in town carparks 
Camping Belvedere
campsite 10€ ACSI Calceranica al Lago
Lake Caldonazzo
small campsite near lakeside, shady, mostly statics;several other sites adjacent; basic facilities, shop; bar and restaurant
Camping S Pedre
campsite 10€ ACSI Marone, Lake Iseo
campsite on lakeside small pitches fair facilities (being upgraded) some shade, on edge of small town; some road and rail noise
free parking area, free services  Cavour
service point in another district of the town by hall, signposted; guided to shady MH parking area at base of rocky hill by helpful Italian MH'ers
Pte Ft Philippe  free parking
Nord 59
car park in town near large beach signposted (aire d'accuiel); new toilets but no water or waste; Flot Bleu service point 1€ at municipal caravan site about 2 miles away
Camping St James les Pins
private campsite 10€ ACSI  Guillestre, Queyras
Haute Alpes 05
campsite small marked pitches in pine trees some with difficult access; fair facilities; about 1 mile from town; wifi internet works only adjacent to office.
Jausiers aire, free parking Flot Bleu credit card (broken) Barcelonnette
Alpes de Haute Provence 04
small rough parking area space for about 4 vans beside Flot Bleu. Unable to find parking area in village or aire listed at Barcelonnette airfield. 
St Andre les Alpes  aire, free parking, services Flot Bleu jeton 3€ St André les Alpes
Alpes de Haute Provence 04
large unshaded tarmac MH parking area  signposted in town. Jeton from Tourist Bureau or bar other MH's parked by lake (unofficially) S of town
Camping du Brec
private campsite 12.70€ ACSI  Entrevaux
Alpes de Haute Provence 04
small campsite with bathing lake, bar; reasonable facilities, some shade; about 5 miles from fortified village along narrow lane; by narrow gauge railway Nice/Digne
Riez free parking area; free water and toilets nearby in park  Riez
Alpes de Haute Provence 04
grass parking area on edge of old town; little shade; Height barrier (always open?) No waste disposal facilities
Ste Croix de Verdon  aire parking 6€ overnight free services Ste Croix de Verdon
Alpes de Haute Provence 04
aire on road to lakeside beach and campsite; room for 16 MH's but crowded if full. Good facilities inc toilet waste and cold shower; little shade. Good views of lake and near village.
Dauphin aire free parking; no water available Dauphin
Alpes de Haute Provence 04
MH parking at village hall, no shade; small sign at entrance to old village. Toilets and water being rebuilt (vandalised?) waste drain accessible
St Michel l'Observatoire aire free parking and water, waste drain access 2€ 
St Michel l'Observatoire
Alpes de Haute Provence 04
aire on road to observatory signposted. space for 12 MH's some shade (low trees); barrier for access to grey waste dump 2€ jeton but wc waste drain and water tap accessible (free)
Camping des Trois Rivieres
private campsite 13.94€ Entrechaux, 
Vaucluse 84
campsite by shallow river about 2 miles down lanes from village; shady; basic facilities; bar and restaurant. internet 3€ for15 min!!
(Unable to find aire listed in village)
Vaison la Romaine
aire free parking
no services
Vaison la Romaine
Vaucluse 84
New gravel parking area in town signposted, but no facilities except bins and bottle bank! will have some shade when trees grow!
Le Gautiere
private campsite 14€ ACSI Buis-les-Baronnies
Drôme 26
private campsite with pool and cafe; some shade from low olive trees but pitches not level; about 2 miles w of town
Hauterives aire free parking & services Hauterives
Drôme 26
new services and large gravel parking area signposted in town; unshaded; near "Palais Ideal" 
Lamastre overnight parking in layby Lamastre
Ardèche 07
parking and two bornes in town but not available Monday night/Tuesday am due to large market!
Lac d'Aubusson aire - parking overnight 5€
free services, toilets
Puy-de-Dôme 63
 very large parking area (some shade) near reservoir with bathing beach etc (base de loisirs). Free water and waste services available; daytime parking charge Fri/Sat/Sun
Camp de Bert
municipal campsite 7€ Lapalisse
Allier 03
small campsite in Bert village with pool adjacent; basic facilities; few statics; some shade
Camp Municipal
La Courtillerie, Saints
municipal campsite 4.64€ St Sauveur-en-Puisaye
Yonne 89
small campsite in Saints village, signposted; basic facilities; some shade
Camp Municipal des Deux Rivieres
municipal campsite 13.20€ La Ferté-sous-Jouarre
Seine-et-Marne 77
campsite in large town by river Marne, marked shady pitches; fair facilities
Ferryport parking free at ferry terminal Dunkerque
Nord 59
some MH's parked outside offices we parked in loading lanes after booking in previous evening for 6am sailing; not too noisy until 4.30am! bright floodlights.

Link to detailed list of AIRES 2006

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