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AIRES 2006

Here is a list of aires we stayed at or passed during our European trip in May and June 2006.
There were plenty of aires in France and stellplatz in Germany, at least in the main tourist areas but there
are some areas where  they were difficult to find despite having their co-ordinates and satnav and they were not always signposted.
Aires are generally listed in order of our route                                           Click for printable list PRINT


near Trier, Mosel parking only 5€ 
N49 48 55, E06 45 05

"Quickstop" MH parking only outside campsite next to Mosel, access underneath road bridge; 10.50€ to pitch on campsite or use their facilities. Small village with supermarket and shops adjacent. Some road noise during night and passing barges.
Reil Mosel  
N50 01 27, E07 06 53

overnight parking 5€; free services
grass and small tarmac area by Mosel; a few hookups +1€, some shade; fee collected in evening. Waste disposal point and taps underneath town hall small village mostly restaurants and wine cellars. 70 spaces
Rothenberg ob der Tauber Bavaria 
N49 22 56, E10 11 20

Parking P3 6€ sanistation 1€
public toilets, lorry & coach park, 10 min from historic town centre; busy during day.Sanistation situated in car park easy to access unless parking area is full. 50 spaces
Eichstätt Altmühl valley 
N48 53 03, E11 11 54

Volkesplatz parking 6€ sanistation 1€ toilets
flat gravel area by river at Volkesplatz signposted from town centre, fee collected at 6pm by well organised (for wet weather) official; sanistation at entrance to Volkesplatz public arena, but water and toilets also adjacent to parking area; 15 min walk from town centre along riverside.
Viechtach Bayerwald 
N49 04 41, E12 53 05
Parking stadthalle  free parking  
level car park by noisy splashing fountain so we moved to far corner; other listed stellplatz were not level; no evidence of services but sanistation at parking near railway station (next to skateramps!)
Other Stellplatz visited in Germany

N49 54 43, E07 04 04
Motorhome parking beside river in Klues, turn left across bridge; sanistation 1€ parking allowed only between 10.00 and 18.00 first hour free 2€ for three hours; campsite on same road for overnight stays

N49 59 01, E07 07 14

Large grass stellplatz by river 5€; about 30 vans parked, space for 80 vans

N50 08 37, E07 10 05

Motorhome parking 1.80€ for 2 hours on main road by river at eastern end of very touristy town; no services; 

N50 06 28, E07 43 44

Small parking area on main road by Rhine 6€ no services;
Camping Schönbergblick about 300 metres along road only 7€ (+2.20 elec) for overnight grass pitch beside river.

N50 03 26, E07 46 14

busy stellplatz level gravel between main road and river; virtually full at lunchtime; fee payable at adjacent campsite

 Note: There are many other stellplatz at towns and villages along the Mosel and Rhine
Hirchhorn Neckar  
N49 26 43, E08 53 56
stellplatz by river at entrance to old town sign stated parking for 5 motorhomes but 8 there when we left early evening; no services(?)


SLOVENIA  (GPS co-ordinates are approximate)
N46 10 10, E14 25 19
stellplatz Hotel Kanu 10€ water, waste and electricity
in rural hotel grounds on road to main campsite at Smlednik 12km north of Ljubliana; gravel and paved level parking only a single water tap for clean and waste services + 3 electricity points
N46 20 11, E13 33 09
Camping Polovnik where we stayed had a sanistation within the campsite
There were also stellplatz just before the entrance of Logarska Dolina nature reserve and in Kamniska Bistrica near the cable car to Velika Planina both north of Kamnik.

Fiames, Cortina d'Ampezzo Veneto 
N46 33 22, E12 07 03
free (weekdays) Aree di Sosta on disused airfield (but helicopter base) in valley 3 miles N of town, signposted; 12€ fee weekends & high season; water taps and waste points; MH parking not permitted in town carparks despite being listed in guidebook 
Cavour Piemonte 
services N44 47 16, E07 22 36 
Parking  N44 47 02, E07 22 14

free parking area, free services water and waste drain 
service point in another part of the town by public hall north of town centre on right 50 metres n of traffic lights, signposted; shady parking area in Corso Marconi near marketplace at base of rocky hill.  We were guided there by helpful Italian motorhomers who were using the service point.
Other Arees di Sosta visited

Lago di Braies
near Toblach/Dobbiaco, Dolomites 
N46 42 02, E12 05 07

motorhome parking on right about 300 metres before main car park for lake 4€; service point. We oarked in main carpark without a problem for 2€

Lake Iseo 
N45 48 20, E10 06 21
several motorhomes parked on quayside by harbour on lake. Other motorhomes parked in laybys on busy lakeside road

N44 42 48, E07 51 00

Motorhome service point (listed in guide) behind petrol station/car wash to north of town but virtually underneath large flyover at busy junction

Pte Ft Philippe Gravelines,Dunkerque Nord 59
N51 00 22, E02 06 51
free parking in car park in town near large beach signposted (aire d'accuiel) follow signs to campsites; new toilets but no water or waste; Flot Bleu service point 1€ at municipal caravan site about 2 miles away on road out of town
Jausiers near Barcelonnette Alpes de Haute Provence 04 
N44 24 45, E06 43 45
free parking Flot Bleu credit card (broken)
small rough parking area space for about 4 vans beside Flot Bleu.  Large parking area across river had sign forbidding overnight camping

Unable to find aire listed at Barcelonnette airfield.
St André-les-Alpes Alpes de Haute Provence 04
N43 57 56, E06 30 27
free parking, services Flot Bleu jeton 3€
large unshaded tarmac MH parking area  signposted in town. Jeton from Tourist Bureau or bar

other MH's parked by lake (unofficially) south of town
Riez Alpes de Haute Provence 04 
N43 48 55, E06 05 21

free parking area rough grass on edge of old town; little shade; Height barrier (always open?)
free water and toilets nearby in park; No waste disposal facilities but some MH'ers walked across road to Municipal campsite.
Ste Croix de Verdon Alpes de Haute Provence 04
N43 45 31, E06 09 03
overnight parking 6€ free water and waste point also cold shower/washroom
on road to lakeside beach and campsite; room for 16 MH's but crowded if full. Good facilities; little shade. Good views of lake and near village. Fee collected in evening.
Dauphin between Forcalquier and Manosque Alpes de Haute Provence 04
N43 54 02, E05 47 02

free parking; no water available
but waste drain accessible;  
MH parking area at village hall, no shade; small sign at entrance to old village. Toilets and water taps being rebuilt (vandalised?).
St Michel l'Observatoire Alpes de Haute Provence 04
N43 54 47, E05 42 57
free parking and water, waste drain access via barrier operated by 2€ jeton from Mairie; toilets dirty
On road to observatory north from village, signposted. Space for 12 MH's some shade (low trees); waste drains and water taps accessible on foot (free).
Vaison la Romaine Vaucluse 84
N44 14 44, E05 04 14
free parking area no services
New large level gravel parking area in town signposted, but no facilities except bins and bottle bank! will have some shade when trees grow!
Mirabel-aux-Baronnies Drôme 26 
N44 18 52, E05 06 00
Small aire signposted just north of town service borne and parking for six motorhomes quite narrow approach lane. stopped to empty waste and fill water after overnighting at the Vaison le Romain aire.
Hauterives Drôme 26
N45 15 18, E05 01 44
free parking & services
new services and large gravel parking area signposted in town; unshaded; near "Palais Ideal". Woke up early to find area full of lorries being filled by dumper loaders with reversing beepers for gravelling roads
Lac d'Aubusson Courpière Puy-de-Dôme 63
N45 45 15, E03 36 54

overnight parking 5€; free services and toilets
very large parking area (some shade) near reservoir with bathing beach etc (base de loisirs). Free water and waste services available; daytime parking charge Fri/Sat/Sun
Dunkerque Ferryport Nord 59
parking free at ferry terminal
some MH's parked outside offices; we parked in loading lanes after booking in previous evening for 6am sailing; not too noisy until 4.30am! bright floodlights.
Other aires we visited in France
Annot Alpes de Haute Provence 04 
N43 57 54, E06 39 56

new aire with large parking area and service point in woods signposted from town centre across river bridge
Sault Vaucluse 84
N44 05 42, E05 24 38 
Large gravel Parking area P3 by cemetery on approach to town from east on D950 just after campsite and public woods. No evidence of services but probably water tap at cemetery
Malaucène Vaucluse 84  N44 10 39, E05 07 48
aire closed Flot Bleu not working and large boulders across marked parking bays (outside gendarmerie) with "No parking" signs reported that borne is being replaced with tap and drain May 2007
Grignan Drôme 26
N44 35 05, E04 54 11
shady gravel parking area on south side of town no services but other camping cars parked when we visited town
Lamastre Ardèche 07
N44 59 13, E04 34 46

parking and two bornes in town but not available Monday night/Tuesday am due to large market!  Possible to park in large carpark behind market next to river, but would be noisy and busy on market day (Monday evening/Tuesdays) We parked overnight in picnic layby about 5km south west.
Tence Haute-Loire 43
N45 06 54, E04 17 25
new Raclet borne fully operational Euro coins on back street in large carpark not signposted
Lapalisse Allier 03
N46 15 00, E03 38 24
24 hour Parking allowed in large car park behind church and chateau to east of town Signpost to services in another car park in the town (which we didn't find)
Saint-Cyr-s-Morin  Seine-et-Marne 77
N48 54 22, E03 11 09
aire de service vandalised and grass parking area closed with barrier. Village near la Ferté-s/s-Jouarre (Paris commuter town)

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