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Piano Grande - Umbria

  View of the plain from crest (road from Norcia)

The only road - very straight

In the spring it is carpeted with wild flowers

This is an amazing flat green plateau at 1257 metres altitude surrounded by mountains at the southern end of Monti Sibillini

It is 6 kilometres across with just one village, Castelluccio at its northern rim.

Access is south from Visso following minor roads through the mountains or for a more spectacular approach take the long climb up the winding road from Norcia.
 Half way across the plain there is a grass parking area where you can hire ponies for trekking and also a para- and hang-gliding centre

We stayed there overnight together with about 10 other motorhomes of all nationalities. There were also a couple of tents but we didn't see any facilities! (there is possibly a water tap nearby).

Parking area - Castelluccio in distance

It was so peaceful that we stayed there for a whole day, with fantastic views and a misty dawn to add to the experience 

Misty morning


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