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Venice and Burano

Approaching San Marco

The Grand Canal

Gondolas everywhere
 some with music - and gondoliers in trainers

A quiet time on the canal

The island of Burano - yes the tower is leaning


Burano shrine

Burano houses with boat parking

Venice turned out to be everything we expected and more, helped by a clear warm day in early June 2005. We stayed at the secure motorhome parking at Punta Sabbioni just a short walk from the ferry terminal. A 24 hour ticket for 10.50 was a bargain as it allowed use of all the ferries and water buses (Vaporetti) around the city centre. We also had time the next morning to fit in a trip to Burano with its multi-coloured houses and narrow canals.

The sights of Venice are remarkable and to us quite unreal as we approached from across the lido and we just wandered around for several hours, hopping on a vaporetti when we needed a rest.

 a tip - get on the route that goes around the outer canal past the docks and the working end of the city. It stops more often than the express routes and was less crowded. As it passes through the terminus by the railway station most people get off and you can get a good seat when it starts a new trip down the Grand Canal.

There are so many interesting sights especially away from the main attractions. The variety of boats on the canals were amazing - log jams of gondolas, ambulance, police, a hearse and even a DHL parcels boat.

Ambulance boat

One man and his boat

Foot ferry - Don't wobble!

 Of course all the usual tourist trappings are there in abundance including lots of living statues . . .

"I told you not to phone me at work!"

Painted scaffolding

The ferry trip to Burano is worthwhile, altogether quieter, with less tourists and many pretty sights and a pleasant way to wind down after the hectic pace of Venice.

The time we spent there was not long enough to do it justice and we'll definitely return another holiday

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