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Our Autosleeper Symbol modifications

Our awning

We looked at driveaway awnings but they were too large and bulky so we bought a cheap dome tent which proved to be ok for giving us extra space when pitched on a site and was quick to put up, reasonably light (12kg) and fitted in our back box   

first trial of "awning" on a hard standing     awning erected on a tight pitch in Italy

ready to move off from Lago di Ledro near Riva del Garda Italy with back box packed


Fitting deadlocks to a Peugeot Boxer

Fitting an Omni-bike  carrier to an Elddis Eclipse 

Here are some other ideas and features we have added to our previous motorhomes 


Water supplies


On board water tanks are too large to fill for just a day out.

We use a 10 litre plastic jerrycan that fits in the seat base next to the water pump. The plastic feed pipe from the inboard tank has been cut and using 15mm plastic push-fit plumbing fittings (from Homebase or similar) a tee-piece and two isolator valves, the water can be supplied from either container. A Whale in line non-return valve to the end of the dip tube in the jerrycan prevents the pipe emptying or siphoning back when removing the container.

Using two 10 litre containers we have found this arrangement to be sufficient for an overnight stay and easier for topping up than trying to get near a standpipe with a hose.

 I have also fitted isolator valves in the upstream and downstream pipes to the Carver Cascade water heater to stop it filling when the pump is operating and it has been drained for the Winter. Note that two valves are better in this  arrangement to prevent possible back flow from the mixer taps although there is a check-valve in the Cascade unit. The flexible hot and cold water hoses can be fitted over short lengths of 15mm rigid plastic and copper plumbing tubing with jubilee clips for security on the pressurised side on the pump circuit. On the inlet side, if using rigid 15mm upvc tubing remember to fit the stainless steel sleeve inserts if using standard brass isolator valves with compression fittings.


Draining the Carver Cascade water heater.

Replacement Carver heater tanks are very expensive and it is essential that it is drained to prevent damage due to freezing. This can take a long time once the external drain plug is removed. If possible we remove the plug when setting off for home if we have been using the water heater. A quicker way we found is to use a toy balloon pump obtained from Mothercare shops. This has a long thin nozzle which fits in the connection to the shower handset which can be removed by hand. Then the pump is gently operated with the Carver drain plug removed until no more water is expelled from the heater.

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