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France  - Some amazing sights

As we have travelled throughout France we always come across sights that are worthy of a photo. Quite often there are amazing sculptures or large pieces of old machinery pertinent to the local industry in the middle of roundabouts at the entrances to towns and villages when it isn't practicable to stop.

A very large sculpture in the very small village of Mantenay- Montlin between Bourg-en-Bresse and Tournus, seen in 2001

Saut en Elastique at Pont de Ponsonnas near La Mure south of Grenoble. The road was open to normal traffic. (that's NOT me jumping!)

 In Mouchard in 2005 we passed this huge clothes peg. Apparently it is the City of wood with 1440 inhabitants and the only school of wood (craft?) in France


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