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A Museum in the Open Air

It was only about ten miles to the Nederlands Openluchtmuseum, similar to the Beamish Open air museum in the north of England, set in large parklands just north of Arnhem. Entrance was €19 with an additional €6 parking charge. (It's cheaper in the winter months). The English guide book was worth buying for the map and details of the exhibits.

openlucht museum tram
vintage tram
openlucht museum window shutter
traditional window
Openlucht museum farmhouse

We were blessed with another gloriously sunny day for our visit to the museum. Once through the modern reception centre there was a vintage tram to take us around the site.  There were several windmills of various shapes and sizes, reconstructed farms, workshops, a boatyard, shops and houses and even a health centre.

openlucht museum canal bridge
canal bridge
openlucht museum boatbuilding yard

The museum was very well laid out with many traditional interiors such as box beds and stables, where the sand was decorated during the summer whilst the animals were outside. Unfortunately some of the old shops and cafés were closed as it was a Monday. One interesting building was a two storey prefab donated by Norway after the 1953 devastating floods. Alongside was a terrace of workers' houses with rooms furnished in various styles up to the 1970's

openlucht museum Norwegian prefab
Norwegian prefab house

Another interesting corner of the museum had an Indonesian houseand garden, a Baroque formal garden and a summerhouse.

Indonesian tricycle
Indonesian tricycle

Among the ninety or so buildings on display was a church, school room and a market garden with a topiary nursery.

toiary nursery
Topiary nursery

openlucht museum windmill    openlucht museum large windmill

openlucht museum farmhouse    openlucht museum old shop  
farmhouse                            18th century residence

openlucht museum stable     openlucht museum boxbed
decorated stable and box bed

openlucht museum 1960's kitchen     1970's living rom
1950's kitchen and 1970's living room

Indonesian garden and summerhouse
formal garden and summerhouse

OPenlucht museum rebuilt shopping street
rebuilt Amsterdam shops and post office

openlucht museum graffiti alleyway
and graffiti alley

Returning to the entrance on the tram we had a look at the restored shops from Amsterdam and alleyways complete with graffiti. After having a look around the gift shop we headed back to the campsite for a lazy evening. Note that unlike at Beamish Museum, the entrance ticket cannot be used on another day.