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A Tour Around Europe 2015

This year we headed through Germany to Bavaria and across the Alps to southern Austria. Entering Italy we drove down to Venice for a few days before visiting lakes Garda and Iseo. We then continued to Milan to visit EXPO 2015. Finally we crossed back into France and meandered back slowly following the Rhône north to the Champagne region and then west to cross the channel via the Dieppe to Newhaven ferry.
Campsites 2015
Aires 2015
Part 1
Holland to Bodensee
Part 2 
Wet Bavaria to Sunny Carinthia
Part 3
A few days in Venice
Part 4
Lake Garda to Milan EXPO
Part 5
A Slow Drive through France

After taking the daytime crossing from Harwich to the Hook of Holland we drove the short distance to Gouda for the first night then headed east into Germany and down to the Mosel valley then skirted north of the Black Forest to reach Bodensee (Lake Constance). After a visit to the interesting Erwin Hymer museum at Bad Waldsee we headed into Bavaria for a few rather wet days staying near Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Travelling south to find the sun we entered Austria and crossed the mountains through the  Felbertauern toll tunnel passing from sleet to sunshine at last, and spent a few days touring around the Carinthian lakes. We then drove into Italy and enjoyed a few days in Venice in glorious sunshine. From there we drove to the western banks of Lake Garda and on to Lake Iseo. After a night at the aire in the pleasant small town of Soave, we continued via the old city of Bergamo to visit the Milan EXPO 2015, staying at a temporary motorhome aire nearby. It was a long but interesting day at the EXPO but as we were keen to head for France we bypassed Turin and took an easy route over the Alps to Briançon.

Now enjoying warmer weather we meandered slowly through the pre-Alps towards the Rhône valley touching on the Ardèche Verte before heading north through  vineyards to Burgundy and the Champagne regions. Eventually the weather was scorching hot as we turned west towards the channel crossing at Dieppe.
Europe 2015 route map
Our route around Europe 2015

Mainau gardens Konstanz Erwin Hymer Museum Bad Waldsee Venice Grand Canal
 Mainau GardensErwin Hymer Museum
Bad Waldsee
Venice Grand Canal
Burano island VeniceMilan EXPO 2015Nikki Saint Phalle fountain Chateau-Chinon
Burano Venice Milan EXPO 2015 Fountain at

Ferry :  
Outbound: Harwich to Hook of Holland daytime sailing (car rate) £74 via Camping & Caravanning Club

Return: Dieppe to Newhaven Transmanche £49 booked direct by phone for over 60's discount

Fuel : £519 for 3374 miles - about 27.5 mpg.

 LPG 36 litres £19 total : Initial fill in UK 15 Litres £9.62; two top-ups in Germany and Italy 20 litres €12.20

Campsites and Aires
Fees 55 nights  €537 total  (+ 4 nights at CL's and a Caravan Club site in UK £62.50)
Campsites 24 nights €403 (€9.72 to €22)  23 nights using the ACSI low season discount Camping Card €394

Aires  31 nights: €134  (€5 to €25.00 inc services)  19 nights free (Temporary aire for Milan EXPO was 2 x €25)

Part 1 -Holland to Bodensee >>