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Aires - France 2010

This is a list of the aires we stayed at during our tour around France May to July 2010. 
As usual the aires varied from some very busy ones and others where we were on our own. The standards varied from just a piece of rough ground to laid out tarmac and facilities provided also varied widely. Also note that we visited them in the low season so they will have a different character in high summer.

municipal (local council)  c commercial/private P overnight parking
S services (usually for fresh water, grey and black waste disposal usually free), jeton (token) usually about €2
E electric hookup available (usually for an additional fee jeton or coin - can vary from 2 hours to 12 hours)
wf denotes wifi

Dept / Post code
nearest town
cost per night
Marne 51 310
N 48.7330
E 3.5577
aire m
P free
S jeton
E none
10 places
aire at Esternay
Camping-car parking area flat gravel signposted behind church. Borne located down narrow lane nearby also signposted; jeton required but only used waste point. Small town with a few shops. Velorail available summer weekends.
St Honoré les Bains
Nievre 58 360
N 46.9045
E 3.8407
aire m
P free
S jeton 
E jeton
4 places
aire at St Honore les Bains
Borne in gravel parking area behind Huit a Huit convenience store down narrow entrance in town centre; jetons €2 from shop.
On our own but a couple of vans used borne. Fairly quiet except for refrigeration units at back of shop running all night. Small spa town
Drôme 26 400
N 44.7258
E 5.0204
aire m
P €3.50
S free
E none
wifi free
10+ places
aire at CrestLarge aire in flat carpark recently tarmaced. Parking places marked but many vans parked in main car park (and cars in CC places of course!). Parking fee collected in evening. Free borne but in poor condition and fresh water tap with fixed hose being used for cassette rinsing so we didn't top up! Interesting old town with steep path to castle
Mirabel aux Baronnies
Drôme 26 110
N 44.3130
E 5.1000
aire m
P donation
S free
E none
6+ places
aire at MirabelAire down narrow lane in village. Borne and 6 marked places on level gravel. Additional official CC parking 10 places on grass field behind tennis courts across main road. Donation box for use of services. Small hilltop village with a few shops and restaurants (also visited in 2008)
Montbrun les Bains
Drôme 26 570
N 44.1745
E 5.4406
aire m
P free
S €2 coins
E none
7+ places
aire at MontbrunCC parking area signposted on road around edge of town; gravel and rough grass layby with difficult access. Flot Bleu borne and addtional parking in U Express minimarket in village. Amazing houses built on cliffside and interesting old village.
Fontaine de Vaucluse
Vaucluse 84 800
N 43.9196
aire m
P €3
S free
E none
50+ places
aire at Fontaine la VaulcuseA large aire in the carpark at the entrance to the town level gravel exit barrier requires coins to open; artisinal borne inadequate for number of vans parked, we counted about 80 overnight; public wc; next to busy road. Short walk to main attractions similar to Cheddar Gorge with many gift stalls paper exhibition and river flowing from under cliffs.
Bouches du Rhône 13 850
N 43.4328
E 5.5344
aire m
P free
S free
E none
10+ places
aire at GreasqueLarge carpark at mining museum on edge of suburban town near Marseille. Level gravel area with additional parking nearby by skateboard park so may be noisy at times.  Museum has limited opening times.
Gard 30 300
N 43.8537
E 4.6092
aire m
P free
S €4
E none
20+ places
aire at CompsAire with parking under trees by river and also large level carpark with new borne (credit cards) behind boulodrome and old bullring. Pleasant aire but could be midgey.  Narrow access road to aire signposted through small village with a couple of shops.
Lozère 48 400
N 44.3256
E 3.5908
aire m
P free
S €2
E ?
10+ places
aire at FloracAire partially signposted on hill above town centre. tarmaced with marked bays and additional parking area also used by CC's (and cars parked in CC area) Borne and wc with tap against high wall so access may be difficult. Interesting town with shady main street. Cevennes National Park Information centre
Aveyron 12 580
N 44.5703
E 2.5915
aire m
P free
S free
E none
4 places
aire at CampuacPleasant small aire in village, signposted behind church and Salle de Fetes. Gravel surface slightly sloping; Artisanal service point 200 metres away near sports field by municipal garage limited access.
Lot 46 100
N 44.6787
E 1.9981
aire m
P free
S free
E ?
8 places
aire at CardaillacSmall aire down narrow lane in Plus Beaux village. Level gravel by stream. low wall may make access to borne and turning difficult. Interesting old buildings and stone towers in village
Collonges la Rouge
Corrèze 19 500
Brive la Gaillarde
N 45.0584
E 1.6588
aire m
P €5
S free
E none
20+ places
aire at Collonges la RougeLarge new aire on level gravel signposted on edge of town built of red stone. free water only push tap and service point hedged so access difficult. Town is a tourist destination for coach parties and expensive shops.
Lac Vassivière - Auphelle
Haute Vienne
87 470
Peyrat le Château
N 45.8055
E 1.8430
aire m
P free
S none
E none
50+ places
aire at AuphelleLarge former campsite by lakeside with beach and Maison du Lac information centre. Grass parking and tarmaced roads. No services (but some construction work being carried out) Borne at other aire on lake - see below.
Lac Vassivière - Pierrefitte
Haute Vienne
87 120
Beaumont du Lac
N 45.7864
E 1.8689
aire m
P free
S €2 jeton
E jeton
20 places
aire at PierrefitteLevel parking area at lakeside carpark with borne requiring jetons from Maison du Lac at Auphelle (used to take credit cards). Pleasant position but probably busy at summer weekends.  1 mile walk to island with land train château and sculptures in woods.
La Perouille
Indre 36 350
N 46.7051
E 1.5227
aire m
P free
S €2 jeton 
E jeton
10 places
aire at PerouilleLevel grass aire by lake outside village. New wc block and borne. Very quiet area of backroads near the Brenne water park. Also used by touring horsedrawn caravans for overnight stops.
Indre et Loire
37 510
N 47.3410
E 0.5114
aire m
P free
S none 
E none
30 places
aire at VillandryLevel gravel parking and picnic area by main road with plenty of shade; wc adjacent with water tap (Not an official aire - service borne reportedly being installed late July 2010). By information centre and across road from château with wonderful formal gardens. Other châteaux and wine caves in area.
Maine et Loire
49 670
N 47.2165
W -0.6030
aire m
P free
S free 
E  free  
10 places
aire at ValanjouPleasant aire, level gravel  in small park and trees by stream. Service point a bit awkward to access for black waste. One free hookup (Euro socket); public wc. Access down narrow lane between houses. Small quiet town with a few shops and ruined castle about 40 km south of Angers.
Noirmoutier en l'Île
Vendeé 85 530
St Jean de Monts
N 47.002
W -2.2523
aire m
P €7
S €2 coin 
E  ? coin
50+ places
aire at NoirmoutierLarge aire on southern edge of main town on the Île de Noirmoutier Flat tarmac and gravel parking area also used by coaches and lorries. some parking bays under trees at edge. Two service bornes; separate bornes for hookups Overnight charge (meters) is from 9pm to 9am free daytime parking. Tickets checked by municipal police. Town with château, fishing boats and many shops and cafés.
La Bernerie en Retz
Loire Atlantique 44 760
N 47.0787
W -2.0340
aire m
P €5 ccard
S €3.50 j 
E  jeton
36 places
aire at Berniere en RetzAire by Salle de Fêtes in town centre; level gravel with marked pitches parking ticket from meter payment only by credit/debit card; services by jeton from TIC/shops. Pleasant small seaside resort with sandy beaches.
Piriac sur Mer
 (Le Brambel)

Loire Atlantique
44 420
La Turballe
N 47.3963
W -2.5133
aire m
P €5
S free 
E none
8  places
aire at Piriac sur MerSmall aire at S end of parking for le Toulport beach. sloping tarmac; Parking fee collected in morning; free water and waste point; public wc; sandy beach across D52 coast road and walks along low cliffs. about 4km NE of town centre; two other aires in town. 
Saint Gildas de Rhuys
Morbihan 56 730
N 47.5136
W -2.8463
aire m
P free
S none
E none
15 places
aire at St GildasAire situated at picnic site by beach on Route de la Baie d'Abraham 1km  N of town centre. Parking only no services; rough grass and earth very muddy in places some low trees. Sign: "No external materials allowed"; 48 hours maximum.
Le Pouldu (Plage)
Finistère 29 360
N 47.7674
W -3.5544
aire m
P free
S none
E none
20 places
aire at Le PoulduMH parking signposted between beach car park and play park; free until 15/6 then €4 overnight; no services; about 1km from town centre pleasant sandy beaches and cliff walks nearby.
Cleden Cap Sizun
Finistère 29 770
N 48.0481
W -4.6499
aire m
P free
S €2 jeton
E jeton
20 places
aire at Cleden Cap SizunAire in large car park opposite cemetery to west of town. sloping tarmac small grill for grey waste  by grass access may be difficult. School buses park overnight and start up at 7am. Bottle bank at rear of carpark
Finistère 29 770
N 48.0267
W -4.5368
aire m
P free
S €2 ccard
E ccard
15+ places
aire at AudierneAire in large flat gravel carpark by boatyard and riverside. new service borne. Aquashow aquarium and ALDI store nearby. School buses park and leave early morning. Pleasant yachting town on estuary.
Camaret sur Mer
Finistère 29 570
N 48.2740
W -4.6088
aire m
P €4/24h
S €2 coin
E coin
70 places
aire at Camaret sur MerLarge level gravel aire with hedged pitches payment by meter. large service borne in centre. Near menhirs and cliffs. Walks to harbour with Vauban fort, rusting boats graveyard and interesting shops and cafes.
Lampaul Guimiliac
Finistère 29 400
N 48.4941
W -4.03857
aire m
P free
S free
E none
10+ places
aire at Lampaul GuimiliacPleasant aire in small park level gravel parking; well designed artisinal borne. Town on historic Parish Closes route
St Pol de Léon
Finistère 29 250
N 48.6829
W -3.9713
aire m
P €4
S €2
E €2
30 places
aire at St Pol de LeonAire on sea wall at Pempoul; level gravel, new borne and entry barrier being installed in June 2010. Previous parking area 500m to east now closed to motorhomes. Follow signposted route for camping-cars. Near causeway to Rocher St Anne and sandy beaches
Finistère 29 630
Primel Trègastel
N 48.6939
W -3.7923
aire m
P free
S €2
E ?
6 places
aire at PlougasnouService borne in car park opposite stadium in town. We parked overnight by St Jean du Doigt beach about 2km to E (no services); other motorhomes parked in laybys on cliffs.
Grande Île
Côtes d'Armor
22 560
N 48.7988
W -3.5832
aire p
P €5
S none
E ?
10 places
aire at Grand IlePrivate parking aire just before borne outside campsite entrance. level grass field. water tap available but not for tank filling. campsite borne services €2 (Dec 10 -This aire may now be closed)
Port Beni
Côtes d'Armor
22 610
N 48.8484
W -3.1707
aire m
P free
S none
E none
4 places
aire at Port BeniSmall official night stop parking on level tarmac overlooking estuary by tiny harbour; very peaceful.  Free service borne available in Pleubian Lanèros (N 48.8637 W -3.0870) near Sillon de Talbert.
Côtes d'Armor
22 100
N 48.4542
W -2.0300
aire m
P free
S €2 jeton
E jeton
5 places
aire at LanvallayAire outside sports stadium level tarmac marked spaces borne takes jetons but no info on where to get them (TIC?) or nearby shops.  Very small direction sign to aire in town centre. About 2km from Dinan bridge across River Rance or steep path to river.
St Benoît des Ondes
Ìle et Vilaine
35 114
N 48.6165
W -1.8476
aire m
P free
S €3 coins
E coins
10 places
aire at St Benoit des OndesAire next to salle de Fêtes; level gravel across main road from sea front. Borne states €3/50 litres but gives much more and has Hoselock type bayonet connector. On edge of small town with many oyster sales shops and restaurants.
Le Mont St Michel
Manche 50 116
N 48.6301
W -1.5074
aire p
P €10
S none
E none
200 places
aire at Mont st MichelVery large parking area for camping-cars by main car parks; no services. Possibly floods at very high tides. Expensive but excellent views especially at night as only 500m from le Mont
61 120
N 48.9316
E 0.1957
aire m
P free
S free
E free
10 places
aire at Vimoutierssmall aire on main road next to municipal campsite; level gravel service borne with long grey water drain. Town famous for Camembert cheese - large dairy nearby with some noise at night.
Pas de Calais
62 179
N 50.8570
E 1.6517
aire p
P €5
S €3
E ?
50 places
aire at TardinghenPrivate aire "La Ferme de Horloge" with two large fields for parking and services at farm nearby ( N 50.8628, E 1.6492); grass and gravel track. €5 overnight fee collected in evening and includes use of services. Good views across channel and walks across fields. useful for quiet night before/ after ferry crossings.
Other Aires we visited (not used for overnight stays)
Town /postcode Co-ords OUR COMMENTS
Chateau Chinon
58 120
N 47.0631
E 3.9362
Mostly taken over by travellers with loose dogs. a couple of Dutch motorhomes parked nearby. sloping site in town centre carpark.
Paray le Monial
71 600
N 46.4480
E 4.1200
Aire and parking area by main basilica car park but taken over by travelling fair. Possible to park in car park adjacent. Modern unusual borne €2 jeton. Town is a pilgrimage centre but not busy. A few interesting old buildings in centre. 
St Galmier
42 330
N 45.5930
E 4.3366
New borne installed on roadside layby outside Camping le Val de la Coise (ACSI where we stayed for two nights) jeton €1 from campsite reception.
26 150
N 44.7511
E 5.3728
Signposted aire but rough and muddy parking area with water tap and drain. Old vans parked there longterm? despite notices about "one night tolerated".
26 110
N 44.3577
E 5.1385
Aire located on road by river (no camping cars allowed on street parking). entry barrier requiring credit card payment in Flot Bleu m/c: 10 minutes free, €2 for 30 min, €9 for 24 hours. We found free parking in side road for a stroll around the town. 
84 390
N 44.0944
E 5.4129
Aire by woods in signposted P3 parking area. rough gravel and new borne - €2 coin for water.
84 160
N 43.7472
E 5.3375
Free service borne behind carwash at Super U. Drain awkward to acces due to kerbstones. noisy car wash machinery adjacent. One Dutch MH had stayed two nights but not for us! 4 parking bays
13 200
N 43.6816
E 4.6304
MH parking on waterfront by coach park. We used free borne nearby in layby on busy street for water topup and grey waste emptying
St Jean du Gard
30 270
N 44.1020
E 3.8835
Free service borne by tourist steam railway station. Free parking nearby
Ste Eulalie d'Olt
12 130
N 44.4648
E 2.9496
Aire at campsite entrance €8/24h in attractive Plus Beaux village
12 340
E 2.7212
Borne in scruffy car park water tap broken
46 100
N 44.6091
E 2.0377
MH parking and borne on busy town centre road sloping - not recommended for overnight but several MH's there in afternoon
23 400
N 45.9547
E 1.7578
Small aire with borne off town centre car park narrow entrance. closed market days Near historic Zizim tower 
23 500
E 2.1757
New free borne in carpark in town centre; well signposted.
Barrage d'Eguzon
36 270
N 46.4595
E 1.6046
Borne in middle of large puddle in parking area on road to large dam.
Neuillay les Bois
36 500
N 46.7691
E 1.4734
Small aire by lake with borne on edge of town.
Chaumont s Loire
41 150
N 47.4822
E 1.1878
Several MH's parked overnight on road by river bank. service borne inside municipal campsite
49 730
N 47.2239
E 0.0292
Aire by park in small town on Loire east of Saumur. We used the grey waste point; free parking; services €2.50
Notre Dame de Monts 85 690 N 46.8345
W -2.1424
Aire in carpark in woods near beach €5 ovenight parking (meter); free water and grey waste drain. well signposted.
Noirmoutier l'Epine 85 740  N 46.9806
W -2.2641
New aire at entrance to village €7 inc parking and services
Bourgneuf en Retz
44 580
N 47.0414
W -1.9563
Small aire at tourist office by ring road free services we emptied grey waste and filled with water; public wc
44 350
N 47.3337
W -2.4203
Aire by busy ring road 1.6km from town centre; service borne €6 cc. We found free parking by town ramparts (camping cars daytime only).
Piriac sur Mer Lérat 44 420 N 47.3635
W -2.5259
Aire on main road w of town; overnight parking €2.80 free services but slow push water tap and difficult access to drain
56 370
N 47.5297
W -2.7598
Aire outside school. Parking €5 overnight (holidays and weekends only) free service borne; other aires in district more suitable for overnight parking
Pont Aven
29 930
N 47.8541
W -3.7434
aire in carpark at east edge of town free parking; strange service point - water needed €2.80 jeton even for cassette flushing.
Les Sables Blanc
29 750
N 47.7988
W -4.1975
MH parking in beach carpark but borne had been removed
29 760
N 47.8138
W -4.3607
borne located next to sewage works broken but used grey waste drain
Pont Croix
29 790
N 48.0418
W -4.4857
service borne in large sloping gravel carpark by school. no other MH's there so didn't stay
Pointe du Van
29 770
W -4.7072
MH parking by headland car park no services
29 770
N 48.0373
W -4.6654
borne signposted by church in town centre water tap broken but able to use waste drains overnight parking by stadium about 1km S (N 48.0325, W -4.6629)
29 180
N 48.0980
W -4.2119
aire by main carpark on edge of old (touristy) town  parking €5/24hr; service borne €2 but difficult access
29 160
W -4.5068
New aire behind popular seaside and sailing town; service borne €2 credit card free parking
29 400
N 48.4866
W -3.9969
free parking and free service borne in Salle Polyvalente carpark.  Interesting town with large Parish Close
29 680
N 48.7121
W -3.9991
Free MH parking at Laber to W of town overlooking large bay. Free service borne in layby 50m to E.
22 343
N 48.7824
W -3.5765
Large aire rough gravel by main road to NE of town by large beach. Parking €5 overnight; service borne €2 - filled water tank and drained grey waste.
22 220
N 48.7904
W -3.2308
aire in woods by river on edge of town; signs about thefts so only parked 2 hours to visit town. borne broken? others at Super U and Intermarche
St Cast le Guildo
22 380
N 48.6080
W -2.2305
MH parking on cliff top at Pointe du Bay; no services. Camping-cars information panel with map of aires at main road turn off.
22 100
N 48.4543
W -2.0385
MH parking beneath viaduct on road to old quay. sloping tarmac and cars parked in bays. Daytime parking €2.40/hr until 7pm, free overnight; no services
14 600
N 49.4192
E 0.2415
Large aire on harbour quay very popular €9/24hrs. we parked in MH day parking €6/5hrs as MH parking not allowed in town centre.
80 080
N 49.9211
E 2.2597
Small aire outside campsite €10.40 parking service borne €4.70 jeton. We used campsite ACSI €15 inc hookup.