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AIRES 2005
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Here is a list of aires we stayed at or passed during our European trip in May and June 2005. Most of the aires were listed in the French “Guide Officiel 2005 Aires de Services Camping-Car” which we purchased in a Maison du Presse for 8€ on our first day abroad. We also bought the Italian Touring Club Italiano “Vacanze in camper in Italia” (published in 2003 18€, cheaper in supermarket) which has several detailed itineraries and a list of aree di sosta by region (The list for Italy in the French guide was more useful as our understanding of Italian was not so good!). Many of the aires listed in the guides are in fact just a service point in or outside a campsite where the normal overnight site fees are payable, in which case we paid the site fee and had some grass space around us.

Also we found the Italian Touring Club regional road maps were not always accurate with regard to size of towns marked and whether a yellow road was minor or major. A few times especially in the Marche region the afternoon was spent in a “hunt the aire” drive through towns and villages with similar names (Perhaps its time to get a GPS system).

Aires are listed in alphabetical order in each section
Revised Aug 07 GPS co-ords added and some
details updated

Aires used for overnight stays

AYDAT Puy de Dome (63) 21km SW of Clermont-Ferrand  
N45 39 37, E02 58 40

parking and services 6€
New aire  Pleasant 5km walk around lake (path rough and wet in places). Lakeside restaurants, boating and fishing facilities about 1km. Public wc in town about 500m. Central location for visiting Puy de Dome (toll road to top for good views), Murol and Auvergne Parc des Volcans.    

BOURBACH LE HAUT Haut-Rhin (68) 12km SW of Thann
N47 47 41, E07 01 43
5 places overnight parking free; services free  
Small tarmac parking area overlooking village (steep drop and no fence). Next to picnic area and village recycling bins. Flot Bleu borne for wc, waste water and fresh water taps. Cars parked in mh places and one other motorhome overnight. Good views across Vosges wooded hills to Alps in distance. Narrow winding roads to reach village from Thann. Bar/restaurant nearby.  
                      BOURBACH LE HAUT Flot Bleu borne and parked cars

Geraudot Lac d’Orient Aube (10) 22 km E of Troyes  
N48 18 08, E04 20 07

about 15 places overnight parking free; services 3€ jetons
Level marked out parking area adjacent to lakeside beach area in rural location. No motorhome sign but six other motorhomes already there. EuroRelais borne jeton 3€ required obtainable from campsite 100m away, drain for grey water. Café and play area nearby also walks/cycle-path through woods around lake. Boulanger van calls in morning.
    Geraudot neatly laid out aire across road from lake apparently very busy at summer weekends

LES CONTAMINES MONTJOIE  Haut-Savoie (74) 10km S of St Gervais-les-Bains
N45 49 16, E06 43 38  
Car park at Notre Dame des Gorges: parking free  
Large gravel parking area with public wc situated at end of road 4 km beyond village (first car park has height barrier). Several motorhomes parked overnight in wooded areas set back from road. Interesting chapel and start of mountain walking trails (GR5 long distance path)

LUGNY Saône-Loire (71)  20km NNW of Macon 
N46 28 20, E04 48 29 
services free; 5 parking places free 
Aire de service: Small area behind post office signposted in village but only from one direction. Long drain for grey water in concreted area and small covered drains labelled grey and black waste, three water taps on wall. Only space for one motorhome.  Aire for overnight parking 500m away signposted in corner of large gravel car/lorry park on edge of town near school. Some noise from lorries leaving in morning and many school buses arriving. The guide also lists parking authorised outside municipal campsite about 3 km away next to football stadium. We drove up there but ground isn’t level. Basic campsite but no signs indicating motorhome parking. “Jeeper” calls for site fees in evenings. Prehistoric caves in area

PLAINE-JOUX, PLATEAU D’ASSY Haut-Savoie (74) 12km N of St Gervais-les-Bains
N45 57 03, E06 44 22
Car park at skiing and paragliding area: overnight parking free; Services 2€

Large parking area before restaurants and paragliding centre on road to le Lac Vert.  Signs for camping Aire Naturelle (6€) but Flot Bleu borne in main car park. 2€ coin didn’t work but jeton available at restaurant shown on sign. Camping fee payable if parking on grass fields past campsite sign. Fantastic views to Mont Blanc and paragliding launch area adjacent. Lac Vert about 1.5km further along road worth a visit and church in Plateau d’Assy also interesting for works of art by famous artists.  

                   PLAINE-JOUX, PLATEAU D’ASSY  large tarmac parking area with new Flot Bleu borne and recycling bins

ST POINT LAC Doubs (25) 14km SSW of Pontarlier
N46 48 45, E06 18 13
15 places overnight parking 5€; services free  
Large gravel parking area signposted from lakeside public car park in beach complex with swimming, boating and windsurfing (crowded at weekend) in small village on west side of large lake. About 16 motorhomes parked overnight (30 would be very crowded and cars also parked in mh area for boat launching during daytime) Borne for wc and waste water with fresh water tap, also another water tap and public wc adjacent. Parking fee collected in evening by guardienne. Municipal campsite adjacent.  Impressive Chateau de Joux nearby and Pontarlier has 200 shops      


Haut-Rhin (68) 5km W of Rouffach

N47 57 07, E07 15 50
10 places overnight parking free; services 2€
Neat marked out parking layby with trees, Euro-Relais borne (broken so no fresh water) and drain for grey water, also picnic benches with vines for fencing. Parking area was only a few feet from fast bypass road, which was annoyingly busy and noisy all night with cars, lorries and tractors (going where?). No other motorhomes parked overnight. Lots of vineyards and storks nests in surrounding towns, Eguisheim and Munster worth a visit.
WESTHALTEN Borne "ne marche pas" (thanks whoever left the note to warn us!). neat but noisy

Aires de Service on campsites we stayed at

CHAMPAGNE-S-LOUE Camp Municipal La Louve Jura (39)
N47 02 26, E05 48 53

Recently updated small campsite with free motorhome service point available. WC drain is about 0.6 metres above ground level! Grey water drain and water taps on concrete area. We stayed overnight on site for 6.70
without electricity but clean hot showers. Site office only open in evenings. Near Salines Royale old saltworks  - worth a visit.

GRAVELINES PETIT FORT PHILIPPE near Dunkerque Camping Les Dunes Nord (59)
N51 00 28, E02 07 07

Borne available inside campsite for 3
€ during daytime. the large car park surrounded by a housing estate nearby is used by motorhomes for overnight parking with wc but no services (see 2007 aires list).

LA TOUR D'AUVERGNE Camping La Vallee Puy-de-Dome (63)
N45 31 46, E02 41 29

Service point available just inside campsite 3.50
€. Down narrow road next to fishing shack/restaurant with internet access point (8€ per hour!) rare in the Auvergne. 

ORBEY Camping Municipal Lefebure Haut-Rhin (68) 
N48 07 50, E07 09 45
Service point available 4.50
beside toilet block behind football pitch to left of reception. Grey water drain and water tap but couldn't find wc waste point. site about 2km N of town centre up hill by sports stadium.  

ROTHAU Camping Municipal  35km NNE of St Dié-de-Vosges Bas-Rhin (67)
N48 27 09, E07 11 56

Aire outside municipal campsite 8 marked pitches 5€ overnight parking including electricity; Flot Bleu borne 4€ but we used campsite which was cheaper for two people (8€ inc elec) aire open all year. Campsite bureau only open for a few hours morning and evening so (cheeky) motorhomers ignored Flot Bleu and used campsite facilities. Near le Struthof WW2 concentration camp (museum).  

Aires visited but not used for overnight stay

BORMES LES MIMOSAS Var (83) 8km WNW of Le Lavandou
N43 07 27, E06 21 44 Aire at Port 

Small designated parking area in town behind church near underground parking but places filled with cars and vans. No services but aire with services on coast at Port

CAVALAIRE-S-MER  Var (83) 17km SW of St Tropez
N43 09 08, E06 25 51
Area next to beach 10€ overnight parking, to S of main road towards St Croix Valmer. Basic services water taps and grey waste drain No black waste.

COMPS Gard (30) 8km NW of Beaucaire/Tarascon
N43 51 14, 04 36 26
Aire re-opened. Narrow access roads through village overnight parking 3€ services 1.50€

Drap Alpes Maritime (06) 7km N of Nice  
N43 45 38, E07 21 01

Camping-car sales/storage “yard” with old vans parked. Services available but no-one around and in built up suburb north of Nice. No overnight parking apparent. Not worth trying to find it! 

Gerardmer Vosges (88)  46 km W of Colmar
N48 04 23, E06 52 34

Gravel parking area signposted for 30 motorhomes on main road in town centre next to railway and shops. Noisy, Service point on opposite side of road.

KAYSERBERG Haut-Rhin (68) 7km NW of Colmar
N48 08 08, E07 15 48

Large aire well signposted from town. Daytime parking fee 2€ overnight parking 4€ public wc  borne water and waste drain well used about 10 motorhomes parked during day. Coach park adjacent and near busy bypass road with lots of HGV’s during daytime. Short walk into picturesque but very touristy town.

Labergement Ste Marie Doubs (25)  18km S of Pontarlier
N46 46 17, E06 16 29

Motorhome parking area 8 places in single row of narrow spaces with borne 2€ and waste drain in middle of row. Pleasant car park nearer to lake but motorhomes banned during summer. Didn’t stay as only one place vacant and looked crowded.

Lapalisse Allier (03) 20km NE of Vichy
N46 01 50, E03 38 06 (aire)

Overnight parking allowed behind church by public wc. Large aire in Place Jean Moulin sevices 3.50€ jeton. Virtually all shops closed on Mondays

LES TROIS-EPIS Haut-Rhin (68) 8km NW of Turckheim
N48 06 04, E07 13 46
Aire adjacent to car park behind church and fire station. public wc and borne 2€ not signposted from main road. About 8 motorhomes parked there during daytime. Long winding climb up road from Turckheim

Ramatuelle Var (83) 15km S of St Tropez
N43 12 41, E06 39 45

Large aire 40 places next to Bonne Terrace beach near St Tropez All services available 7.10€ overnight parking fee.  

Ribeauvillé Haut-Rhin (68) 15km NNW of Colmar
N48 11 32, E07 19 46

New aire in town centre small gravel area with room for about 10 motorhomes Sunken logs to mark out pitches in strange layout. Water tap and waste drain with sign stating payant but no indication of how much and who to pay. Surrounded by large buildings would be very cosy/cramped for overnight

Riquewhir Haut-Rhin (68) 3km SW of Ribeauvillé
N48 0958, E07 18 06

Parking on RH side entering town. Small parking bays marked out and Euro relais borne (2€) and waste water drain located next to building with high kerb. Parking fee 2€ 5 hours daytime 4€ overnight. Also used by cars so manoeuvring of large motorhomes could be difficult. Attractive but touristy half-timbered town.

ST GERVAIS LES BAINS Haut-Savoie (74)  17km W of Chamonix
N45 53 18, E06 42 46
New aire by Ice rink (follow signs to patinoire on road towards Megeve). Borne installed but still a building site. Possible noise from ice rink cooling plant.  

WILLER-S-THUR Haut-Rhin (68) 2km NW of Thann
N47 50 37, E07 04 20

Two motorhomes parked in area with borne (signposted) in village on road to Grand Ballon 



Arees di Sosta used for overnight stays

BARGA Toscana (LU) 40km N of Lucca 
N44 04 22, E10 28 55
Large aire signposted with banners in town. Situated below old walled town. Free water and electricity; small covered drain for waste water. Used for car parking and a few unoccupied caravans and motorhomes parked there (locals?). Short walk to pleasant old town with very large church. Near Garfagnana National Park
   BARGA free aire with good facilities including electricity points

GAVIRATE Lombardia (VA) 10km WNW of Varese
N45 50 22, E08 43 17
Small aire at Lake Varese picnic and pleasure gardens. Parking and services 6€ +2.50€ electricity shady gravel area fenced and guarded but open to public with wc nearby . Also children’s fairground rides which closed for tea but re-opened until about 10.30pm with usual music and teenagers around. Walks along lakeside.

MONTEFALCO Umbria (PG) 10km SW of Foligno
N42 53 32, E12 38 53
Aire signposted next to main car/bus parking. Large flat gridded concrete area with several grey waste drains and black waste drain with water tap. Three bornes (but 2 broken) for fresh water and electricity coins needed but complicated and not evident how much to pay for each service. Also change machine (empty). Put in several coins for water but none delivered! Public wc with sinks and fresh water tap (free) adjacent. Local band used nearby car park for drum practice in evening but we saw fireflies! Short uphill walk to interesting walled town.
    MONTEFALCO aree on edge of walled town with public toilets inc disabled facilities  View from aire

PIANO GRANDE Umbria (PG) 25km E of Norcia
N42 48 19, E13 11 44
Car parking field in middle of large flat grassy treeless plain surrounded by mountains with one road across to village of Castellucia.  Free overnight parking. No services but possibly a water tap nearby. Many motorhomes parked overnight, also a few along rough tracks. Horse riding and paragliding adjacent. A magical place especially the wild flowers and the early morning mist. Long winding climb up to 1520m alt from Norcia
         PIANO GRANDE parking area in middle of plain            other motorhomes parked along track

POGGIO SAN ROMUALDO Marche (AN) 20km E of Fabriano
N43 21 53,E13 01 29
Aire/campsite in meadow by small village at 960m altitude. Free parking and service point with water and drain also wc and sinks with cold water. Several picnic shelters. About 8 motorhomes parked overnight (Saturday) but on our own Sunday night. Meadow also used as daytime picnic place by locals (and another picnic/bbq place nearby). Restaurant in village and walking paths map at site. Steep narrow road with about 18 hairpins if approached from west, road to north east, which we used when leaving gives much easier access. (Italian Aree di Sosta book states access difficult in winter!)
POGGIO SAN ROMUALDO aree in meadow         service point has raised drain and foot levers for water taps

PUNTA SABBIONI Veneto (VE) 23km W of Jesolo
N45 26 24, E12 25 18
Parking Dante Alghieri: private motorhome aire in high-walled and guarded field, gates shut at night. Overnight parking 16€ (+elec 2.50€). Grass/firm sand with some shady trees. Waste drain, separate fresh water taps also wc and showers block. 500m from ferry terminus for Venice and Burano. 24 hour ticket for ferries and waterbuses 10.50€ a bargain. Next to small beach but new breakwaters being built in lagoon so some daytime noise. About 1.5km walk to larger beach with café and lighthouse with about 50 motorhomes parked along sandy track (despite mh parking prohibited sign). Long drive through Jesolo very busy and slow Saturday am (a bank holiday weekend).

punta sabbioni entrance to parking






PUNTA SABBIONI Secure entrance to motorhome parking

SAN QUIRICO D’ORCIA Toscana (SI) 22km W of Montepulciano
N43 03 22, E11 36 24
Aire signposted on edge of small town tarmac parking area also used for coaches during day. Free water tap (very slow) and waste drain. New park and children’s play area adjacent. Short walk to old town with market (Tuesday am) 

SANTORSO Veneto (VI) 7km NE of Schio
N45 44 13, E11 23 35
Laid out aire signposted in car park for Villa Rosi children’s’ play park and garden centre. concrete gridded surface. Free parking and services but fresh water tap broken. Also amazing waste drain consisting of two large metal covers with handles which have to be moved aside then reverse over large 3ft x 2ft manhole for direct waste dump; built-in flushing around concrete area operated by electrical switch inside borne switch box. Several Italian motorhomes called in to use waste dump. We were the only motorhome to stay overnight.
              SANTORSO complicated waste drain (flushing but no fresh water)  

TREVISO Veneto 28km N of Venice
N45 40 12, E12 15 29
Aire for 14 motorhomes laid out in car park behind football stadium NE of town centre. Signposted Dell’ex Foro Boario on overhead signs on ring road. Free parking and services with long narrow drive over waste drain with flush (used by several passing motorhomes and a bit smelly) but only a single water tap. Portakabin wc (didn’t investigate). About 10 motorhomes parked and more parked in car park adjacent. Near busy railway line and children’s play park. Short walk to town centre with lots of cyclists in morning when we left. Possibly trains to Venice.
           TREVISO service point is by sign 

Arees visited but not used for overnight stays

BAVENO N of Stresa Lake Maggiore
N45 54 35, E08 30 09
Aire with overnight parking and services in front of railway station in town centre Initially signposted on edge of town but not at final roundabout to station. Probably noisy from trains and buses.

CAMPIONE DEL GARDA Lombardia  W side of Lake Garda 18km S of Riva del Garda
N45 45 21, E10 45 03
Aire/motorhome parking in lakeside village reached by turn off in middle of tunnel popular for windsurfing. Attendant wanted 5€ just to park for any length of time so we didn’t stay. Narrow access roads through village.

CASAL BORSETTI  Emilia-Romagna 15km N of Ravenna
N44 33 00, E12 16 48

Organised aire with about 240 places well signposted from road. Virtually a campsite with services wc showers etc. Some shade from trees and near beach and small harbour fees 8€ overnight until 8am then another 8€ for daytime parking

CASTIGLIONE DEL LAGO Umbria  W side of Lake Trasimeno
N43 07 25, E12 03 00
Aire on grass area next to lake near leisure park and sailing club. No signs to indicate overnight parking costs or services available but about 10 motorhomes parked during daytime (free). Short walk to pleasant old town with castle.

FERMIGNANO Marche  4km S of Urbino
N43 41 03, E12 38 32 ??
Aire in back street of small town in car park outside school. Water tap and waste drain free. No shade only parked for lunch stop.

FINALE LIGURE Liguria 19km SW of Savona
N44 09 56, E08 20 15
Aire with 100 places listed in guidebook next to Piaggio factory. Drove around several times but could not find it (Found on Google Earth)!

MATELICA Marche 18km SE of Fabriano
N43 15 32, E13 00 39
Aire signposted on N edge of town by walls. Untidy with rubbish, graffiti and old cars and motorhomes parked so didn’t stay Old walled town possibly interesting.

MONTALCINO Toscana  41km SE of Siena
Aire signposted from roundabout in town centre up very steep hill but appeared to be a building site when we got there. So we continued to San Querico d’Orcia 

PASSIGNANO Umbria  28km W of Perugia
N43 11 05, E12 08 38
Aire and coach park on northern edge of Lake Trasimeno. Service area with borne (coins), parking fee only payable at weekends and bank holidays. Pleasant lakeside walk to town centre for boat trips in high season.

PIEVEBOVIGLIANA Marche 45km ENE of Fabriano
Aire listed in village but diversion in town centre with roads dug up so couldn’t find it.

RIVA DEL GARDA Trentino-Alto Adige
N45 52 47, E10 51 31
Aire at east of town behind police station, 41 places. In Via Brione, not signposted from main road but opposite Porto Turistico San Nicolo. Parking 50c per hour day and night. Hedged gridded concrete hardstanding, service point free but open waste drain in bad condition with broken tiles and puddles. Short walk through lakeside pleasure gardens to pleasant bustling town. Boat trips etc. 
            RIVA DEL GARDA aree in town                      whose bright idea was it to tile the waste point?

SAN SEVERINO Marche 36km W of Macerata
N43 13 37, E13 11 17 ??
Aire behind Palazzetto dello Sport signposted on SE edge of town but was car park behind scruffy sports centre next to railway with graffiti, broken glass and rubbish. Used open drain for waste water dump but chose not to stay. Town mostly industrial. 

SERREPETRONA Marche 30km WSW of Macerata
N43 08 48, E13 12 12
Aire signposted on N E side of Lake Borgiano. Small gravel area broken borne, no water. Next to bypass road. Didn’t stay. Campsite and motorhomes parked on opposite side of lake. (Michelin map shows it as L Borgiano, Italian TC map as L di Pievefavira). Village of Serrepetrona is 4km N of lake.

SIENA Toscana
N43 20 01, E11 18 59

Motorhome and coach parking signposted on ring road near railway station. Parking (free) for visiting city but 35 min walk to centre. About 12 motorhomes parked during day. Area untidy with rubbish and graffiti and used by local youths for driving practice. WC vandalised, water tap and drain useable (we chose not to!) but locals filling up water containers in their cars. 

STRESA Piemonte W side of Lake Maggiore
N45 53 25, E08 31 25
Unlisted motorhome parking behind Motterone cable car/Isola Bella ferries coach park. Seen from cable car (circled) but we had parked in street. Free parking but no services. Other MH parking in streets nearby at N end of Stresa promenade, motorhome parking banned elsewhere in town.
STRESA motorhome parking area circled  

URBINO Marche  34km SW of Pesaro
Car Park No 1 but car parks no longer numbered so couldn’t find it.  Parked by city walls in evening but not overnight (we were already booked in at campsite (25€ ouch!). Lively city centre lots of university students. Interesting old city.

VALLI DEL PASUBIO Veneto 12km W of Schio
N45 45 23, E11 11 14 ??
Aire listed at St Antonio del Pasubio with water and waste point. We passed it (signposted) just after 1000m alt marker after long climb from Schio towards Rovereto. Situated in woods with good views into valley.



N51 11 48, E03 13 33
Aire at coach/railway station signposted from ring road. Free parking and fresh water but no waste water disposal, public wc nearby. About 25 places (all taken in evening so arrive early). Short walk to city centre. Some traffic noise from adjacent flyover. Possibly being relocated in Spring 2007

ROCHEFORT 25km SE of Dinant
N50 09 30, E05 13 29
Aire near small road tunnel under town centre. Rough gravel area some shade from trees. Free parking and services but water tap on rough concrete “borne” broken, grey waste drain useable. Used as lorry park overnight. Short walk to town centre where they have a festival of laughter! We stayed overnight with one other motorhome. In wooded Ardennes region.
ROCHEFORT broken water tap on rough concrete “borne”, grey waste drain was useable rubbish everywhere.

AALTER 20km ESE of Bruges
N51 05 12, E03 26 53
Several parking places listed in guide but unable to find any of them. Guide refers to these aires as distances from Gare de Ludwin ?

BELLEM - AALTER 4km NE of Aalter
N51 05 34, E03 29 02
Motorhome parking place marked on roadside outside football stadium in residential street in small village, also chip van parked. We didn’t stay there. 

MARIA - AALTER  5 km W of Aalter
N51 05 58, E03 22 17
Parking listed in residential car park opposite church but no signs and no evidence of services so we continued to Bruges. 

HAN SUR LESSE 6km SW of Rochefort
N50 07 40, E05 11 15

Aire in car park behind town square. Handwritten “Parking 2€” sign on wall. Free water tap and waste drain. About four motorhomes parked overnight. We called in for water top-up after staying at Rochefort. Public WC adjacent has large glass windows! Tourist tram and grottos nearby.


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